Three prompts.

Three minute scene.

Unlimited possibilities.


Each week Bronte draws three prompts:

 - Character

 - Location

 - Additional guiding word


Marni then has three days to write a three-minute scene


They then have three days to have it filmed, edited and ready to upload

The films are uploaded to @threeinthree but even better, the entire creative journey is captured and posted on the page. We want to share the process of making a short film as well as the finished product.

Threeinthree is open to all, simply check in to see the words of the week, get a crew together, film and upload to your socials. Make sure you tag @threeinthree so we can share.

Threeinthree began in a brainstorm between Marni Little and Bronte Bearce about how they could make fast, high-quality content that was original and fresh.

The pair wanted to engage the talent around them - writers, actors, cinematographers, producers, editors, sound and lighting to bring together groups of people for short, 3-minute scenes.

Working in comedy is collaborative, and so the process should be, so they sought to join every element of short-film making together in a fun and easily accessible way.